It’s always hard when someone asks you where they should go on a holiday or trip. Everyone has different expectations of what travel should be and a person’s destination should be as individual as they are themselves. Because of this, there is no real black and white answer for where a person should go on holiday. It all depends on what type of person they are, what they enjoy and a whole host of other factors.

With that being said, I’m lucky enough to have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world and there are definitely some places that I would always recommend to anyone who is looking for a trip with a difference that will change their lives.

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For now, these are the places that will always be on my hitlist for places I recommend that every visits at some point in their lifetime.

South Africa

South Africa is such a beautiful country with such an intricate and amazing history. Of course, the big draw for people visiting South Africa is the safari aspect of the country. This aspect is the reason why I visited in the first place. I was on a gap year from education and I was looking for something to expand my horizons. I travelled with a gap year company and spent three weeks in a private nature reserve.

Aside from the volunteering and outreach work, we spent a lot of time on safari. Traversing the terrains in all weathers and all times of day (and night!), trying to catch a glimpse of some the wildlife that Africa is known for.

It was one of the best experiences of my life, even when times were tough and the weather wasn’t great, it was always just so humbling to have been able to visit a country so beautiful and experience things most people can only dream of.

West Coast, USA

The West Coast of the USA is another place that ranks really high on my best places in the world. I took part in a short road trip that took me to most of the key places on the West Coast and I had an incredible time. As an English person, America always seemed a world away, but so close and relatable as well. I think that’s one of the reasons I loved it so much, it was so alien but also so familiar.

We travelled from San Francisco to Yosemite to Bishop to Death Valley to Vegas to Joshua Tree to Lake Havasu and finally ended up in LA where we spent around four days.

It was all so quick and we only spent around a day in each place, and I really wish it was longer because each stop was more beautiful than the last.

It was certainly an experience driving for hours each day and camping out in some of the most well-known national parks in the world.


My trip to Berlin was only very short, I was there about five days in total, but each minute was perfect and enlightening and exciting. Considering its history, it’s one of the most vibrant and accepting cities I’ve been to in Europe and the backstory of how it came to be that way is truly fascinating.

There’s so much history there just waiting to be discovered and the tourist hotspots are hotspots for a reason! They are busy but they are also really fascinating so make sure you go to all of them!

But even with all that history, it’s very much a metropolitan city and you’ll find fancy shopping centres, nightclubs, bars and entertainment.

It’s such a mixed back of the old and the new and you really have to visit to get the full spectrum of what Berlin is all about.