I don’t know about you, but when I go away everything in my hand luggage is like my saviour. There’s something really disconcerting about only having one bag and that’s it for a flight. The flight could be eight hours or even longer! And all you’ve got with you is a tiny bag and everything in it. Add to this that you can’t take full size liquids and you’ve got yourself a real problem.

I know that this is a problem that many people face so I’m going to try and make things easy for you by letting you know everything that should be taking in your hand luggage when you go away.

These are all my all time favourite things to put in my hand luggage and if you haven’t got these then you should get out right now and get them before your next trip.

A Secure Purse/Wallet

This is what you’ll be storing all of your important documents in, so it needs to be a good one. Try getting on that has a space for your passport, visas and any other official documentation you may need.

If you’re taking a purse or wallet you already own then make sure it is in good condition, if it’s a little bit broken or tattered than it increases your chances of being robbed or losing any substantial amount of money that you were keeping in there.

Hand Sanitiser

This will need to be a small bottle so you are able to take it through customs, but I would say it’s pretty damn imperative. Airports and airplanes are filthy places and you’re going to want to keep those hands clean!

Pack one away securely but make sure it goes in a clear plastic bag before you go through security. Use this after you touch absolutely anything. You don’t want to be picking up any nasty germs or bugs before you go away or when you are on your trip!

A Spare Pair of Socks

This one might seem weird, but you never know when you might need them and imagine if you got your socks wet and you had to either sit in wet socks or, even worse, sitting in shoes and no socks! Eurgh!

Books and Puzzle Books

Flights can be crazy long, and if you’re flying budget, chances are there is no in-flight entertainment – shock horror!

This is why you need to bring your own entertainment. Grab your favourite book or pick up a cheap puzzle book from a budget store near you and it can keep you entertained for at least a little while.

I always find plane rides are the best place to do some light reading or some revision or to exercise your brain muscles and challenge yourself to solve a puzzle. If you struggle with any certain kind of puzzle, do this type over and over again while you’re flying so you can get good at it!

Of course, there are plenty of other things you need in your hand luggage, but these are the things that I always take with me wherever I go.

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