I love travelling and it gives me something to look forward to every year. Even if it’s just a trip in my own country, I’m excited to see what is being offered in a place that is other than my own.

No matter where you go in the world, there will always be some dangers to your safety and you need to be aware of them when you step outside your comfort zone and take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before.

There are some places that are more scary than others and it all depends on where you travel and who you travel with, but it’s always important to do all you can to stay safe while you’re out seeing the world and experiencing everything it has to offer.

Get the Appropriate Vaccinations

This is more about your health than your personal safety. Obviously, if you are travelling somewhere with diseases other than what your country is used to, you need to get the correct vaccinations and immunisation boosts to stop you getting seriously ill or dying while you are out there.

Always have a check up before you go anywhere to make sure you are in good health and check the NHS website to see what vaccines you need to have administered and the cost of these, they often aren’t covered on the NHS so you’ll most likely have to pay for them.

Don’t Travel Alone at Night

This isn’t so much about getting to the place you need to be, but what to do while you’re out there. If you’re somewhere far from home, chances are, you’re going to be instantly recognisable as a foreigner. And there are some people in the world who will take advantage of that and seek to hurt you or take from you if they get the opportunity.

There are many steps you can take to avoid this happening to you and one of them is by taking the precaution of not walking anywhere alone when the sun goes down. Being in the dark and on your own makes you an easy target as it makes it harder to identify the perpetrator.

Don’t Engage with Panhandlers

Poverty is a horrible thing to witness. Seeing those that are so much less fortunate than you is a difficult thing to stomach, but sometimes all is not as it seems. In less-developed countries, gangs and mafia-type groups manipulate those that are poor to get cash from rich tourists.

There is also a common scam where someone, sometimes a child, distracts you with offering something to buy that you quite clearly don’t want, and when you’re not paying attention, an accomplice will reach into your bag and take money, purses, wallets, phones, anything they can grab.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and sometimes it feels bad to be so dismissive, but it’s for your own safety and security.

Leave Expensive Belongings at Home

As tempting as it may be to take your finest belongings and jewelry and display them for all the fantastic insta pics you’re undoubtedly going to take while you’re away, it is a good decision to leave anything of significant monetary or sentimental value at home, here it is safe.

In hotels and hostels and apartments, it’s not just you who has access to your room and even your safe, cleaners, hotel staff and burglars are all partial to coming into your room, so save yourself the heartache and leave anything of value in your own country where it is safe.

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