With a road trip, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the car. Travelling a long way in a car can be boring, but it’s also really important that you have a decent car that us fae to be travelling long distances. If you’re not renting a car, you don’t really have much choice, but maybe this is something to consider if you’re fond of making road trips and are getting a new car and it’s definitely something to consider if you’re going to rent one.

Volkswagen Golf

The golf is a great car, fi you ignore all the boy racers hat rip them around empty supermarket car parks, it’s a really sturdy car that is also really affordable. It’s a comfortable little car and they always look great too. It’s quiet as well, even with the larger engine that what is normal for a car that size. The higher end models have all the bells and whistles of a modern car with bluetooth radio and smart parking sensors.

Skoda Estate

Skodas are typically not the most glamourous of cars, but they get the job done. The size fo the estate is a huge plus factor when you’re looking at this car. If you want to go a long way with a lot of stuff, I’d recommend this one for sure. It feels really huge when you’re driving it, but once you get used to the size, it’s actually pretty easy to get your head around. It’s comfortable but basic, so if you’re looking for something snazzy, maybe give this one a miss. But for the basic needs, it’s very practical.

Range Rover

Everyone loves a Range Rover, they’re a status item because of their price and the fact that many footballers and other rich people like to own them. These are really comfortable and are super safe for driving over terrain that isn’t kind to more normal car.

It’s supremely capable, regardless of where it is that you’re driving, the performance is effortless and you’ll definitely be the envy of all your friends if you pick up a range rover.

They’re fun to drive as well and the handling is great regardless of your skill and experience as a driver.

Bentley Continental

Okay, we all know that BEntley’s are not your average car and they have the price tag to match. These come in at an eye-watering £150,000 but they are definitely worth it for the extra luxury and supreme performance.

Bentley’s are definitely a status object and the craftsmanship and quality is a testament to that. They’re sleek and pretty and a fantastic car. They’re also really safe thanks to the extra money that goes into making it so. It’s fast as well so it will definitely get you through your road trip sooner rather than later!

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