Road trips are great, they’re a cool way to see the world while you bond with friends and get some extra mileage on your car.

But with that being said, if your road trip is super long, there are times when it may get a little boring and a little dull. It’s nothing to do with the trip, or the person you are with, it’s just the nature of being sat in a car for a prolonged time.

But, these periods of boredom are a great opportunity to play some riddles and games to bond with whomever it is that you are travelling with. Here are my top things to do while you’re on a road trip.

The License Plate Game

This varies depending on your country, but I think it’s best to play this if you’re in the USA and on a road trip. It’s easy to play and can be played throughout the whole of the trip while you’re chatting or even playing other games.

If you’re in the USA, to pay the license plate game, you need to look out for a license plate from each US state. In America, the license plates have shortened names for all of the states printed on the plates. For example, Texas is shortened to TX.

It’s a really fun game and once you get into it, you’ll get really excited about new number plates! Hawaii always seems to be the hardest to get, with it being an island and quite hard to get cars on and off. If you find a Hawaii license plate, give yourself extra points!


This one works best if you’re travelling in a large group and are on a tour bus of sorts, as it may be dangerous if you’re in a small car and distracting the driver.

Get some whiteboard markers and go to town playing hangman, try and do it themed to your location to make it more fun and relevant to your trip!

Eye Spy

This one was always a favourite of mine as a kid and it’s still fun now! This one works best if you’re stuck in traffic so you’re able to keep and eye on the things that you’re spying.

Apparently, this game is more popular in the UK and American struggle with the concept sometimes. IT’s pretty simple, you say the rhyme “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” and you give the first letter of the thing you can see. The people you’re playing with have to guess what it is you’ve chosen by looking at the things that are visible from the car.

Happy Valley

This one is my absolute favourite riddle to get people’s brain working. I’ll tell you the secret but you have to keep it hidden when you’re playing! That’s the whole point of the riddle.

So, you start by introducing HAppy Valley as a wonderful place full of mystery, where only certain things are allowed.The things that are allowed in the HAppy Valley are words with two fo the same letters next to each other in a word.

Bottles, sheep, the colour green, boobs are all allowed in the happy valley but mugs, horses, the color blue or chests are not allowed in. The way you should play the game is by saying something that is allowed in the valley and then say something that is similar but is not allowed. For example “bottles are allowed in the Happy Valley, but mugs aren’t”.

It’s such a good game for messing with people’s heads and a lot of people take ages to figure it out.

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