Is there anything better than the perfect beach holiday? Stepping off a plane to sweltering heat, donning a bikini an flopping down onto a beach towel surrounded by beautiful sand. There’s nothing quite like that feeling.

I travelled to Rhodes with my family a few years ago, there was a really big group of us that included my dad, my sisters and all of our partners (at the time, thank god things have changed!). We stayed in a hotel, but not as you normally know it. It was more like a series of apartments and luckily, we were able to get two right next to each other so we could still connect and spend time with each other, even when we were just relaxing in our respective ‘rooms’.

Rhodes was just perfect for us, and I’m going to tell you why. Bear in mind, this was not a party holiday (although drinks were definitely consumed!), and we were just a few miles out of Rhodes town.

Amazing Beaches in Rhodes

Me and my family are not strictly beachy people. We love to explore cities and have adventures and experience cultures different from our own. We chose Rhodes because it was cheap and it was one of the few places we could get an affordable deal for seven people.

With that being said, we actually spent more time than we normally would down on the sands. Our hotel was right on the beach front and there were secret steps that led straight to the sand right from our hotel. We did go down during the day a couple of times and it was simply beautiful at nighttime.

There were more than a couple of times that we all ditched the hotel bar and just went for a walk on the beach by moonlight. The sand was soft and the water was warm and i was a perfect recipe for a beautiful evening.

Close By Amenities

Rhodes is very much designed to be a tourist island. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t speak English and many of the towns and villages are catered to accommodate for people not of Greek origin. There are nik-nak shops on every corner and restaurants wherever you look.

It’s thanks to this tourist-centric design that any and all amenities are close by and very useful. You’ll find all the European essentials in corner shops and supermarkets so don’t worry about falling short of your everyday essentials.

Plenty to Do

Don’t think that just because Rhodes is a beachy and relaxed island that you will be struggling for exciting things to do. We were a group of young people – plus my dad – that wanted excitement and thrill while we were away. This is where the quadbikes came in. My two sisters weren’t so keen, so their partners drove them everywhere, but I was the one in my relationship with a driver’s license, so I took the reins with our vehicle.

It was amazing. We had the quad bikes for a few days and one of these was spent exploring the island with the tools that we were given.

There was one point when we just got lost in an orange farm and it was like a maze! We spent so much time just going up and down the rows upon rows of orange trees – w weren’t even sure we were supposed to be there!

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