Long distance trips are hard to plan for, especially if it’s somewhere you’ve never been before and somewhere where the culture is so different to your own. You never know what it is that you’re going to be walking into and what is not available in that country that would be easily available at your own, not to mention the safety of buying certain things while you’re away.

Like I said, it’s hard to plan for what you’re going to need, but there are a few fail safe things that should always be taken when you go to a place that’s far away.

Your Own Medication

Don’t rely on there being adequate medical facilities wherever it is that you’re going. And if you’re on a certain type of medication, don’t presume that it will be there when you go to a foreign doctor.

Always make sure you bring any and all medication that you require for your stay and see if you can get spares to in case anything goes missing or if you lose any supply.

I’m not discrediting any doctors in other countries, but your doctor knows your medication best, and every other doctor thinks the same! Don’t take any risk with new medication, unless it is for a sudden or life-threatening condition.

Spare Phone

This is especially true if you are travelling by yourself. Phones break and get lost and you don’t want to be left stranded with no way to contact home in the case of an emergency. Even if it is just a very cheap, basic model, it’s better than having nothing in case of an emergency. Of course, along with this phone, you should have a charger for it and a spare battery if needs be. Make sure everyone has your other phone’s number and make them aware that they may get a call or message from this number.

Copies of Your Travel Documents

If you are in the country just next door, you might not need this as much as if you are travelling really far. Photocopy anything that is a formal document that can help you in the case of an emergency.

Things like a copy of your passport, travel insurance, international health card, visa, basically anything that can help you if you are ever stuck in a sticky situation.

Keep these safe and make sure they are locked away so that nothing can take them away from you.

An All Inclusive Backpack

Making sure you have the most secure backpack is really important if you’re travelling far and away. Get one with many pockets and lots of room to carry everything important you need while on your travels.

It would also be useful if there are some secret pockets here you can hide away anything that cannot be lost for important reasons.

A Good Lock

This is especially true if you are staying in shared accommodation such as a hostel. It’s bad to think about, but sometimes people aren’t always as kind as you would hope. It’s a fact that things can get stolen, regardless of how secure you think you feel in a place.

Get a decent lock that isn’t just cheap and keep everything you love under lock and key while you are out and about exploring your new adventure!

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